About Zach and Shannon


Zach Wolfe

Zach is a native Arizonan that grew up in a ranching family, learning from an early age to ride horses and work cattle.  He enjoys a wide variety of activities, and regardless of the activity, you will almost always find Klaus, his beloved German Shorthair Pointer, at his side.  An avid hunter, he has reverence for nature, and enjoys hiking and being in the woods. As an experienced white water rafter, he frequents the West Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho as opportunities arise, as well as trips on the Colorado River,  the San Juan River, and here locally on the Verde River.  He enjoys designing, creating, and building things for the ranch - such as the feeders that he designed and built for the steers.  On Sundays he can be found rooting for his beloved Seattle Seahawks and grilling burgers or steaks!


Shannon Wolfe

Shannon has lived in the Verde Valley since 1991, having enjoyed living in California, Washington, and Nebraska before settling here.  She is a Registered Nurse working in the Oncology field.  She has had a lifelong love of horses, and is blessed to still have her beloved mare, Bandorelle, in the barn after over 30 years together.  She enjoys promoting her creative side, and spends her evenings reading books, crocheting, playing cribbage, or cooking.  Roots in ranching run deep in her family - her great-grandmother owned and operated the Magoon Cattle Ranch on the big island of Hawaii.  Living and working on a cattle ranch was her destiny, having won her first cow in a bet with her Uncle over  a heated game of Connect Four, all before the tender age of ten. 


Together, both Zach and Shannon are avid outdoorsmen, and enjoy hunting, camping, hiking, and looking for petroglyphs in the Verde Valley area.  Exploring the beautiful wonders of Arizona is an adventure that they take any time an opportunity arises.