Ordering Quarter/Half/Whole Beef Packages


Many people have never purchased a large quantity of beef before, and can become overwhelmed with the thought of "choosing cuts".  We are happy to work with any processor of your choice; however we personally employ and recommend Carl’s Custom Meats in Camp Verde, AZ for your processing. We have found his integrity, honesty, and work ethics to be impeccable.

Carl’s Custom Meats is a small family owned processing facility that provides superior customer service with the hand butchering of your quarter, half, or whole steer.  PAR’s beef is dry hung to age for a minimum of 16 to 18 days, giving it the superior flavor and quality that comes with aging meat. If you find yourself unsure of your cut choices, we always suggest deferring to Carl's expertise and judgment for the best possible processing experience.

 ** Due to the quality of PAR beef, we will not use a processor that hangs meat to dry age for less than 16 to 18 days.** 

Freezer Space Needed for a Quarter Steer Package


This is a great visual representation of how much room a Quarter Beef package will take up in your freezer. 

By-The-Pound Beef


The beef we offer for sale by the pound is processed and packaged through an ADA (Arizona Department of Agriculture) facility.  We utilize West Valley Processing in Buckeye, AZ.

Download the Beef Cutting Instructions Form

Beef Cutting Instructions for Carl's Custom Meats (pdf)